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Handwriting at Nottingham Academy

At Nottingham Academy, we teach children to form their letters using a cursive script. The children have daily modelled handwriting lessons where they focus on forming letters that are fluent, joined and consistent in size.

-Capitals are less likely to be written in the middle of a word

-The joining line gives an even spacing

-Writing letter strings can help children with their spellings

-It is faster as there are fewer pen lifts

-Letters are produced in a flowing movement, which helps the development of a physical memory of how each letter is written.

You’ll notice that each letter begins from the line for lower case letters. This is called an entry stroke. We use these because:

-Children start writing each letter from the line – so they always know where to begin lower case letters.

-Letters all start in the same place and flow from left to right, which reduces the likelihood of reversal mix-ups such as b/d and p/q.

-It can help to establish a rhythm to the writing.

-Capital letters do not join to lower case letters so it helps the children to distinguish between capital and lower case letters.

Handwriting expectations by year group

Children’s handwriting ladder

Examples of cursive script

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