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Internationalism: Different places, similar lives

This week Nottingham Academy Primary have been celebrating diversity. Our whole school theme has been Internationalism: Different places, similar lives. This is centered on acceptance, tolerance and the celebration of differences. The children’s learning has all be linked to this. We have celebrated the unique and wonderful make-up of our school and all the different children and adults who learn together.

 Diversity Dress-up – Friday 12th May

To mark the end of the week today children were invited to dress up in traditional dress from a chosen country. This could be connected with a culture, religion or tradition that is special to them or any chosen country that they would like to represent. Lots of children have come dressed in traditional dress from countries that make up their heritage, some children have chosen to reflect countries they have been to. Even the teachers have got involved! During the day children will have more activities related to the theme of diversity. In year 1 the children have been dancing to music from the countries their outfits reflect.

See some of the children in their wonderful costumes here 

Diversity Taster Table – Friday 12th May 

As well as wonderful costumes, families were also encouraged to bring in food that represented their culture, to share on our tasting table at the end of the day. There was so much food, it was wonderful to see so many of our families taking part and experiencing food from other cultures.





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