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Phase 3 – Years 4, 5 and 6

Phase 3 is a friendly, vibrant place to be with lots going on. Children work hard, take pride in their books and strive to do the best they can. Each year group plan and work together, to provide exciting opportunities for the children both in and outside of the classroom.  Key skills and thinking skills underpin all lessons and enable children to become ready for learning in everyday life. While lesson structures become more formal in Phase 3, our ethos is that children are active learners, who investigate, discuss, present and evaluate to ensure they succeed.

As the children get older, there are lots of opportunities for them to take on roles and responsibilities as young leaders. Every child in Year 6 has a responsibility across the school as a prefect and Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to apply and train to become Playground Peacemakers. Other roles include Sports, Singing and Spanish leaders.

Throughout their time in phase 3, we encourage the children to take more responsibility in organising themselves. This includes: filling in their reading diary, completing homework and bringing in any equipment they might need for sport or lessons. To support children with this, learning mentors run weekly homework clubs at lunchtimes.

Overnight residentials, to Kingswood and Dukes Barn, give children the opportunity to develop their independence away from home, whilst taking part in a range of challenging activities outside of the normal curriculum. In Year 4, every child has the opportunity to learn and play a stringed instrument, all children take part in inter house P.E competitions and each year group take the lead in a performance to parents.

During phase 3, we make and build links with key stage 3 so that there is a smooth transition as our children move into year 7. Our hope is, that by the end of Year 6, we have prepared our children for the next phase of their learning and that they leave primary school confident, happy and equipped with all the skills they need to continue to thrive.

Miss Maciel - Deputy Phase Leader and Mrs Hewitt - Phase Leader and Assistant Headteacher

Miss Maciel – Deputy Phase Leader and Mrs Hewitt – Phase Leader and Assistant Headteacher

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