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Literacy in the Early Years

Literacy development involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Reading is about children understanding and enjoying stories, books and rhymes, recognising that print carries meaning, both fiction and fact, and reading a range of familiar words and simple sentences.
Writing is about how children build an understanding of the relationship between the spoken and written word and how, through making marks, drawing and personal writing, children ascribe meaning to marks and attempt to write for a variety of purposes.

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How can I help my child with Literacy?
  • Be ready to join in the drawing and painting.
  • Show children how you write e.g. write shopping lists and cards together.
  • Write notes and letters to your child.
  • Read with your child regularly – just a few minutes each night.
  • Read everywhere! Point out labels when you are out and about, e.g. on shop or street signs
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