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Nottingham Primary Academy

Karate Reading Challenge

We value reading so highly at Nottingham Academy and we want to encourage your child to read as much as possible at home and school. To encourage your child to read at home, we are using a Reading Reward system during this academic year.

How it Works:

When your child reads at home please sign their reading record - when your child has read 15 times they will receive their White Band. When they read for another 15 occasions, they will swap their White Band for a Yellow Band - and so this continues until they have reached their Black Band. Please note that the number of reads increases as the band colour changes and children may only count 1 read per day (even if they read 4 or 5 x in that day.) For any child who achieves their black belt, there will be further challenges. These will be revealed later in the year.

Belt Colour
Number of Reads Needed
White 15
Yellow 15
Orange 20
Blue 25
Purple 30
Brown 35
Black 40

Just like the Japanese Martial Art, Reading Karate is about practising a skill and working your way up through a series of bands/belts. This will encourage and inspire your child to read regularly at home helping them to achieve all the different coloured wristbands. It’s going to be great fun, boosting your child’s self image as a reader and developing their reading skills and strategies.