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Nottingham Primary Academy

De-merger Update 04.12.18

An update on the proposal to de-merge Nottingham Academy

Thank you all for sharing your views about the proposal to de-merge Nottingham Academy, as we are now at the half-way point of the consultation I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a summary of the comments we have received to date:

  • There is general support for the proposal to create two new academies by de-merging Nottingham Academy.
  • There have been some concerns raised about the cost of changing the school name in terms of uniform and re-branding the sites.
  • Some parents have raised specific questions about the nature of the curriculum at both sites.

The majority of the responses have been about the proposed name of each academy. The consultation to date is clear; there is a significant majority who are in favour of keeping the name Nottingham Academy for the Greenwood Road and Sneinton Boulevard academy and a significant majority who are in favour of a completely new name for the new academy at Ransom Road. However, there is not sufficient support for the name Mapperley Park Academy for the Ransom Road site.

If the proposal to de-merge the academy goes ahead, It is possible to keep the name Nottingham Academy for the proposed 3-19 academy (Nottingham Academy Greenwood Campus) and also work with the school community to decide upon a different name, other than Mapperley Park Academy, for the proposed academy on Ransom Road.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 21 December so can I please encourage you to share your views on the proposal if you have not yet done so already. May I remind you that there are meetings at both campuses on 6 December at 5.30pm or you can send your views to

Wayne Norrie

Chief Executive Officer

Greenwood Academies Trust