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Nottingham Primary Academy

Students from university visit year six

Students from Nottingham Trent University paid a visit to our year six pupils.

We were delighted to welcome them to Nottingham Academy where they hosted activities.

For the first activity, our pupils practised their speaking and listening skills by questioning one of the university students to find out about what course they are studying, the skills they need to succeed and their pathway into university.

One member of each group then presented what they had found out to the rest of the class.

The second activity was to answer true or false questions about university life.

Primary teacher Ms Maciel said: “Although the children knew a lot about university already, they were quite surprised at some of their misconceptions.

“They were also fascinated to find out about the differences in studying at school and studying at university.”

For another activity, the pupils explored which jobs needed a university degree. They sorted jobs into piles that need degrees and jobs that do not require a degree for entry.

The children got to use a variety of university-related vocabulary and reflect on the key skills that they have and what they might need to develop in order to be successful in their aspirations.

Some of the year six pupils will be visiting Nottingham Trent University in the summer term.