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Nottingham Primary Academy

Flu Immunisations

Register your child to receive their annual flu immunisation. 

On Friday 9th October Nottinghamshire Healthcare will be in school offering flu immunisations. If you would like your child to receive a flu immunisation please fill in the online consent form (if you have more than one child you must fill in a separate form for each child):

The school code for your child is NG135881A

Flu can be a nasty illness and sometimes causes really serious problems. Getting your child protected against flu is a quick and simple nose spray that works the same as a flu jab.

Giving your child the flu spray will stop the spread. This will help keep friends and family safe. Older people and those with illnesses are most at risk if they catch flu from children.

It is free for your child. Flu changes so even if they had it last year they need it again this year. has more information and tells you which children need the flu jab instead of the nose spray.

Please also take a look at the below attachments for more information.