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Nottingham Primary Academy

Parent Pay Changes

From Tuesday 19th April, all School Meals will need to be pre-ordered via Parent Pay.

We are pleased to let you know that starting on Tuesday 19th April 2022 we will be introducing an online school meal booking system via ParentPay. In order for your child to have a school meal, you will need to choose, book and pay for the meals through ParentPay in advance. Any child that receives Free School Meals or Universal Free School Meals will also need to go on to ParentPay to choose and book the meals; however, you will not be charged for this as the system will automatically recognise that your child has a FSM entitlement.

Meals must be ordered in advance (the cut-off dates for ordering are listed below), in your ParentPay account.


Book By For Week Commencing

Sunday 4th September

Monday 12th September

Sunday 11th September

Monday 19th September

Sunday 18th September

Monday 26th September

Sunday 2nd October

Monday 10th October

Sunday 16th October

Monday 31st October

Sunday 30th October

Monday 7th November

Sunday 6th November

Monday 14th November

Sunday 13th November

Monday 21st November

Sunday 20th November

Monday 28th November

Sunday 27th November

Monday 5th December

Sunday 4th December

Monday 12th December

Sunday 11th December

Monday 19th December

Sunday 18th December

Monday 9th January

Sunday 8th January

Monday 16th January

Sunday 15th January

Monday 23rd January

Sunday 22nd January

Monday 30th January

Sunday 29th January

Monday 6th February

Sunday 12th February

Monday 20th February

Sunday 19th February

Monday 27th February

Sunday 26th February

Monday 6th March

Sunday 5th March

Monday 13th March

Sunday 12th March

Monday 20th March

Sunday 19th March

Monday 27th March

Sunday 2nd April

Monday 17th April

Sunday 16th April

Monday 24th April

Sunday 23rd April

Monday 1st May

Sunday 30th April

Monday 8th May

Sunday 7th May

Monday 15th May

Sunday 14th May

Monday 22nd May

Sunday 28th May

Monday 5th June

Sunday 4th June

Monday 12th June

Sunday 11th June

Monday 19th June

Sunday 18th June

Monday 26th June

Sunday 25th June

Monday 3rd July

Sunday 2nd July

Monday 10th July

Sunday 9th July

Monday 17th July

Sunday 16th July

Monday 24th July


Please view this online video guide for using ParentPay to order meals:


We also have a help page with guides on setting up and using ParentPay here.