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Nottingham Primary Academy

Rights Respecting Ambassadors and School Council Join Forces

Nottingham Academy has formed one 'Student Voice' for the Primary Campus, bringing together the Unicef Rights Respecting Ambassadors and the Student Council. 

The proud pupils were chosen by class mates and teachers to represent their class at School Council meetings this year. The pupils were chosen as they we deemed to be good role models and pupils that other children will be happy to talk to. They now have a great responsibility, to feedback to Academy staff on what they would like to see promoted in the Academy including the Rights Respecting Articles we will be highlighting this year.

The group recently held their first meeting, where they introduced themselves to each other. The group ranges from Year 1 to Year 6, some meetings will be whole school council and some will be site specific where they will discuss items relating to either Greenwood Road or Sneinton Boulevard. They discussed what activities the School Council had supported in the past and then started looking at choosing which rights respecting articles we would choose. The children worked exceedingly well in small groups. They did a fantastic job of ensuring everyone was listened to, it was great to see older pupils working with younger pupils and ensuring everyone had a voice.

We are very excited to hear the ideas that the new council will develop, to read more about Rights Respecting please click here.