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Nottingham Primary Academy

Academy Launches NASA Orchestra

News from Mr Barker and the launch of NASA (Nottingham Academy SymphoniA)

We had an exciting start to the year with some great new musical milestones reached at Nottingham Academy Primary in January and February. We had the inaugural rehearsal for the brand new NASA – Nottingham Academy SymphoniA – our first ever orchestra at the primary.

The NASA rehersal was an exciting afternoon. We had all our string players, brass players and ukuleles mixed together with some percussion and even Eva on keyboard – about 70 musicians in total! We are going to have another rehearsal this month and see if we can put together a small performance for July. We also had our first ever brass players attend the Area Band, with Faith playing her cornet and Libby leading the way on the trombone.

The Academy choir continues to grow, and we had one rehearsal in February with 50 members. Children are attending now from Years 2-6 meaning most of the school can now join in with all our singing. The ukulele clubs also continue to go from strength to strength, and the Year 6 ukuleles recently performed in the end of term achievement assemblies and did a great rendition of 'Over The Rainbow' and the 'YMCA', as well as some extra performances from our Year 6 trio Alice, Isla and Anoushay. 

Mr Barker