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Nottingham Primary Academy

Year 6 Create Radio Ads

During their expressive arts lessons, Year 6 have been learning about persuasive adverts, the children have been creating their own radio adverts. Read more in an update from Mrs Mahmood.

The adverts have been created to sell products ranging from trainers; chocolate bars and opening new dessert places; through to gadgets like mobile phones. They are working in small groups to create, write and perform their adverts before recording through a microphone, using the program Audacity. 

They are familiar with this program. However instead of an adult recording, they are in control: recording and editing the adverts themselves; drawing upon their own personal skills and experiences to further increase their knowledge and learning how the technical side of performances work, including adding sound effects and jingles.

This is a very different task to using camera recordings as it requires a lot of thought, challenging them into thinking about how they could use their vocabulary and voices to persuade the listener to buy their product.

Pupils have applied their imaginations and produced some truly unique ideas, slogans and jingles. 

Mrs Mahmood 

“This term, we have been creating radio adverts. In the beginning, I found it quite hard because I couldn’t really understand how to use Audacity. After I knew what to do, it was really fun and easy. I had a great time.” 

Luke, Year 6

“This term in expressive arts, we have been doing radio adverts. I have really enjoyed starting this topic because it gives you a chance to work in a group and use your imagination to create an advert of your choice.”

Isla, Year 6