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Nottingham Primary Academy

The Great Orchestra Experiment

Academy pupils join hundreads of Year 4 pupils in the Great Orchesta Experiment

Year 4 attended the Great Orchestra Experiment, a concert at the Albert Hall, Nottingham which saw the with the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra and Music Hub music teachers perform alongside 100s of Year 4 pupils from across Nottingham.

Thousands of young people in Nottingham learn a musical instrument as a class through Whole Class Ensemble or In Harmony programmes run by Nottingham Music Hub. Music Hub staff worked with Year 4 classes across Nottingham to learn music for the Great Orchestra Experiment Concert. The pupils involved thoroughly enjoyed this memorable event, read their comments and see footage of the event below.



My favourite pieces were the Star Wars and Born Free tunes. I had a great time!


It was really exciting. I enjoyed watching all the different instruments in the orchestra and listening to all the fun tunes.