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Nottingham Primary Academy

A Nest in the Playground

During half term our resident ducks have made a nest and laid eggs! The playground on our Greenwood site is a little quieter during playtimes now, "Shhhh Mummy duck is sleeping"

Nottingham Academy is very quiet during half term, so when our resident ducks were looking for a nesting spot, the plant pots on the playground looked very inviting. Mrs Duck has laid her eggs in the playground and we think there are 6!

We have ensured Mrs Duck has food and water near by and are doing everything we can to make sure she is not disturbed!

The children have been learning lots of facts about what will happen when they hatch and we will all be looking out for the day Mrs Duck takes them all to the pond. Until then the nest is protected by special fences and the children are playing a little more quietly when they are near the nest so as not to disturb Mrs Duck.