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Nottingham Primary Academy

Transition Activities for Year 6

We are at that time of year when our year 6 pupils are beginning to prepare themselves for moving on to secondary. In order to help them with this transition a number of events take place for the whole year group.

After the half term break there was an event organised with INTU about transition to secondary, where the children took part in four different activities to make them aware of some of the things to expect, including organising when to do homework, what they would need in their school bag, a game which involved working as a team and writing a letter to a Year 6 pupil who needed help. Cameron of 6 Ash said “The INTU event was really fun; we did multiple activities teaching us how to make friends and prepare for Year 7. Also, the activities were fun and helped a lot of people develop new skills. Overall, it was very helpful and we learnt a lot.”

Last week and over the next few weeks, there is also the opportunity for all Year 6 children to have basketball coaching with Ben Stanley.

Mrs Clarke, learning mentor, has been escorting a small group of Year 6 children for additional transition activities. They have also had the opportunity to learn basketball skills with the additional help of some Year 10 pupils.

Their first visit to secondary involved taking part in a science session with Ms Curzon and Ms Ogburn. Nevaeh of 6 Willow said “I enjoyed the transition trip to secondary because I got to do a science activity and learn rules and details about Year 7. I met the Deputy Principal,  Mrs Lammin and other teachers. In the activity we got to measure powder and water and got to make different moulds. I found the trip helpful to make me more confident with meeting new teachers and students.”

Over the coming weeks there will be further events for the children to enjoy before their two transition days in July.

Mrs Clarke