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Nottingham Primary Academy

Authors - Spring

Every half term each year group will be learning about a different author. Here are the authors for the 1st Spring term. Click on the authors name to learn more about them.


Allan Ahlberg - Year 1

Super facts about Allan Ahlberg

  • Allan has written over 150 books.
  • Allan  writes his book in his shed. He lines the wall with  pictures children have sent him, photographs of his family and newspaper clippings.
  • Before becoming a writer, Allan was a primary school teacher for 10 years.
  • He wrote books and his wife Janet illustrated them. Their greatest success was the Jolly Postman which has sold over six million copies!
  • Allan takes a nap every afternoon. He puts on his pyjamas and gets into bed for a snooze!

Allan has won many awards including The Red House Children’s book award for The Jolly Postman

Lauren Child - Year 2

7 facts about Lauren Child

  • Lauren’s most famous books are the Charlie and Lola, and the Clarice Bean series. 
  • Before becoming an author she also started her own company, ‘Chandeliers for the People’, making exotic lampshades.
  • A television series based on her Charlie and Lola books has also become a huge hit for CBBC.
  • Lauren Child’s illustrations contain many different mediums including magazine cuttings, collage, material and photography as well as traditional watercolours.
  • She has an imaginary dog that she shares with her daughter.
  • When she was little, Lauren and her sister had over sixteen guinea pigs which they loved. There are guinea pigs mentioned in lots of her books.
  • Lauren loves to stare out of the window! She’s even said she saw a mermaid one day walk past her window!

Lauren Child has won the Nestle Smarties prize four times and the Kate Greenaway Prize for 'I Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato'. Lauren has an MBE for Services to Literature, and in 2017 was named the Children’s Laureate 2017-19.

Marcia Williams - Year 3

Facts you might not know  about Marcia William

  • She has a dog, Jensen, who is bigger than a Shetland pony.
  • When she was at school, her nickname was “Mars Bar”.
  • Her nickname now is “Dottie”.
  • Her favourite word is chocolate.
  • Her favourite colour is black.
  • She once sat on the ceiling of her bedroom.
  • She hates boiled swede.
  • She loves a good joke and a good hug.
  • She believes in fairies, and snow at Christmas.
  • She loves the smell of toast, fresh coffee, babies and new books.

Guess what?

•Her first book was The First Christmas in 1987.
•She writes history books and illustrates them as cartoons using water colour paints.
Anne Fine - Year 4

Some amazing facts about Anne Fine

  • Her books for children include: Madame Doubtfire, Goggle-Eyes, The Diary of a Killer Cat, Ivan the Terrible and Flour Babies.
  • Madame Doubtfire was turned into the film Mrs. Doubtfire (starring Robin Williams, Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan).
  • Anne was Children’s Laureate from 2001 to 2003.
  • She was given an OBE in 2003.
  • She would really like to be a good singer.
  • Anne Fine enjoys reading in the bath.
  • She isn’t very interested in sport.
  • She has lived in the United States and Canada.
  • Anne Fine has written over 50 books.
  • She writes all of her books with a 2B pencil.

Anne was the Children’s Laureate 2001-2003, and was twice the British Book Awards Children’s Author of the Year in 1990 and 1993. She has won many prestigious awards, including both the Carnegie and Whitbread for Flour Babies, the Carnegie and Guardian for Goggle Eyes and the Whitbread for The Tulip Touch.

Phillip Pullman - Year 5

10 facts about Philip Pullman

  • He was educated in England, Zimbabwe and Australia before his family settled in Wales.
  • He was taught to read on a boat to South Africa.
  • His father was in the RAF but tragically died flying in Kenya when Phillip was only seven.
  • He was a teacher before he became a writer
  • He’s published nearly twenty books, mostly for children.
  • Philip Pullman was awarded a CBE in the New Year's Honours list in 2004.
  • He is the author of The Golden Compass, the Hollywood smash hit film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.
  • As a child he loved reading comic books and idolised his heroes Batman and Superman.
  • He says, “Stories are the most important thing in the world. Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all.”
  • When he isn’t writing Phillip likes to play the piano.

He has won numerous awards. Philip won the Nestle Smarties award for both Clockwork and The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Northern Lights was published in hardback in July 1995. That year, it won the Carnegie Medal and Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and was Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards.

David Almond - Year 6
  • David Almond was born in Thirlmere, Felling (Tyne and Wear) on 15th May 1951.
  • His first children’s novel was Skellig, published by Hodder Children’s Books in 1998.
  • Before he fulfilled his dream of being a full-time writer, David Almond worked as a postman, a brush salesman, an editor and a teacher.
  • From 2006 to 2012, he lectured on creative writing at Nottingham Trent University.
  • At school, David Almond was really good at the high jump.
  • He loves to eat Japanese food.
  • He enjoys long distance running, and he’s completed several Great North Runs.
  • David Almond always starts to write his books by jotting down notes in a sketch book. He will then start to write the first draft of the story on his computer.

In 2010, David Almond received the Hans Christian Andersen Award, one of the most prestigious prizes for a children’s writer.