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Nottingham Primary Academy


Behaviour at the Nottingham Academy Primary Phase

Behaviour at the Nottingham Academy Primary Phase is outstanding and a great deal of time and effort goes into maintaining this by all members of staff. We strongly believe in a positive behaviour system and rewarding those who behave well. This transfers into excellent learning behaviours where our children are able to focus on their learning, concentrate and work well with other children around them.

Behaviour systems are consistent throughout Academy, however each phase may adapt certain aspects of these to suit the age and stage of the children. This is set out below:

Consistent behaviour systems across the Academy

  • Golden time is given to all children for 30 minutes every Friday afternoon. This time is spent doing fun activities together as a class and is an opportunity to model positive play and practice quality social skills. It is preceded by circle time activities where children will discuss important social and emotional aspects of their learning.
  • Each phase celebrates good behaviour, achievements, work in the community and aspects of British Values in an assembly every Friday. (Parents are invited to these phase assemblies to celebrate the children’s achievements)
  • Minor incidents of disruptive behaviour are dealt with by the class teacher and the child will be given a verbal warning.
  • If this behaviour persists or escalates the child will be asked to move within the classroom to allow others to continue to learn.
  • In some cases a child may then be asked to move to a different classroom to be separated from their peers. In this case, Phase and Deputy Phase leaders will speak to this child about their poor choices of behaviour straight away.
  • A portion of a child’s break or lunchtime will be taken as a consequence, depending on the nature of the incident.
  • Any case of poor behaviour choices will be recorded in a child’s individual behaviour book. Phase and Deputy Phase leaders will speak to any children with incidents recorded in their behaviour books, each Friday. Names and incidents are recorded in a phase behaviour book as a record.
  • Within each half term this behaviour record is monitored and any child who has been recorded more than twice, parents/carers will be contacted to discuss this behaviour and the consequences put in place.
  • Major incidents of poor behaviour choices – such as bullying, racism, inappropriate language or fighting – will by-pass this system and parents/carers of all parties involved will be contacted immediately.
  • The Phase or Deputy Phase leader will spend a part of the final day in the week speaking to those children who have behaved exceptionally well and this will be celebrated and acknowledged with a message sent home or a certificate given. At the same time deputy phase leaders will speak on a 1:1 with any children showing persistent but low-level disruptive behaviours.

Additionally for the younger children:

The behaviour system in Phase 1 is based on the ‘Golden Hand rules’ which can be seen below:

  1. We are caring and sharing
  2. We listen to each other.
  3. We touch gently and speak kindly
  4. We always try our best.
  5. Thumbs up if you remember this!

These rules are on display in every classroom and used to reinforce good behaviour throughout the phase.The Golden Fairy in Nursery and the Golden Bear in Foundation 2 and Year 1 are used to implement this behaviour plan.

  • In F1, every day one child is chosen to be a star of the day. In F2 and Year 1 the child who is chosen to be star of the day puts their name on the Golden Board display in their classroom. If they are the chosen child they then take home the class bear and a book for the evening.
  • In F1, there is a celebration at the end of the week where good behaviour is celebrated and one child is chosen to receive a ‘Golden Hand’. At the end of the week, F2 (Reception) and Year 1 children attend a celebration assembly where one child from each class is presented with a Golden Certificate. The reason for receiving a Golden certificate is always related to the Golden Rules.
  • In addition, during the Golden Assembly, ‘Golden Bear’ chooses one class where he stays for the next week.
  • Behaviour in Phase 2 is celebrated at the end of each day where the teacher, or the class choose somebody who has worked hard or done something kind to be the ‘Star of the Day’. These stars go into a weekly draw in the ACE assembly on Friday. Notes are sent home so that parents are aware that their children have been chosen.