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Nottingham Primary Academy


Nottingham Academy Primary work hard to stamp-out bullying. We have a strong NO-GO-TELL message about bullying that we share constantly with the children:

Say NO and GO and TELL someone about it.

This message is part of our assemblies and is built-in to our curriculum and behaviour policies. Have a closer look at our Behaviour Policy here.

Bullying is when a person or group deliberately intends to cause someone else to feel hurt, distressed, threatened or humiliated.

Bullying is not acceptable

  • We want everyone at the Academy to feel safe and secure.
  • We believe no one should be bullied in any way.
  • Verbal abuse of another pupil is bullying.
  • A physical attack on a pupil is bullying.
  • We must all make sure bullies never win.

If you, or someone you know, is being bullied:


  • Watching and doing nothing supports the bully.
  • Tell a member of staff or a member of your family immediately.

You cannot deal with a bully by yourself

  • Talk to a teacher, your parents or an adult you can trust .
  • Do not give in to demands for money, sweets or anything else.
  • Do not try to buy the bully off with sweets or other presents.