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Nottingham Primary Academy

Creative Curriculum

The Creative team covers the subjects of Art and Music.

At the Nottingham Academy, we believe that Music plays an incredibly important part, both inside and outside of the classroom. There is not a school day that goes by without hearing some form of music coming from either one of our singing assemblies or one of the classrooms on the corridors. At the Academy, our children have the opportunity to learn the following in Music:

  • To enjoy and have fun listening, playing and composing music.
  • To have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments*
  • To learn to sing and use their voices.
  • To perform in different contexts (whole class, small group, solo)
  • To understand a history of music and how it has developed throughout history.
  • To experience a wide variety of both live and recorded music. To learn to play music from a variety of different notations.

Currently, children learn to play Glockenspiel, Djembe Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Untuned percussion, Ukulele, Piano throughout years 1 to 6.

In Art, children are able to experience using different media and materials to create imaginative pieces of work which are often inspired by a topic or specific artist. Art, craft and design is highly effective in improving pupils’ self-confidence and creativity, and raises achievement across the curriculum.  Children are taught to draw, paint and make sculptures along with many other art and craft techniques. You can see outstanding examples of children’s art work displayed around the the Academy.