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Nottingham Primary Academy

Curriculum Champions -Entitlement Statements

Entitlement: Music 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do?  

We talk of stories, or paths, and in music this is a key aspect. Above everything else we want the children do understand that music is a broad range of instruments and styles, and we want the children to realise that everyone can enjoy music in their lives. By trying to offer a broad variety of instruments to play and styles to listen to we want every child to discover what music they enjoy and for that music to become an important part of their lives growing up, giving them confidence, enjoyment and fulfilment and teaching them skills like resilience and teaching them to become independent creative learners.   

Entitlement: PE and Sport 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do?  

We want our children to understand the benefits of exercising daily and provide them with opportunities to exercise for 30 minutes during school time on a daily basis. We want children to enjoy exercising and moving and give them different experiences which allow them to do this. We strive to ensure that all children can participate in PE and Sport. We want to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities to participate and enjoy competitive sport. We are passionate about our children developing resilience and determination and this can be found within competitive sport. We want our children to take risks, learn from failure and bounce back stronger the next time. We also want them to develop friendships, character and make memories through the experiences they share together on the sporting field. We are continuously striving to improve the opportunities that our children have and are keen to open their eyes to as many different sports as possible. We work hard to ensure our children to be exposed to as many different sports and OAA’s as possible. At this school we encourage children to be adventurous and PE and sport can provide children with a strong pathway to do this. We want our children to have their eyes opened to new possibilities all the time. Finally, we aim to ensure that all children use PE and Sport as a vehicle to develop personal skills. We want our children to celebrate each other’s achievements and also learn how to play fairly and thoughtfully with others as well as taking on board the lessons that can be learnt in defeat.   

Entitlement: Computing 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do?  

To be resilient during a computing evolution. To equip children to be safe when online or using a range of devices. Children to experience in school individual accounts, which is reflective of computing usage in the real world. This will include: children having their own user area where they can access a range of software, apply computational thinking; solve problems and become digitally literate.  Children to be taught the three areas of the curriculum, which are digital literacy, computer science and information technology.  

The core of computing is computer science; principles of information and computation; how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.  

Children need to be taught computational thinking; solving problems, design systems and understand machine intelligence.  

Entitlement: Wellbeing 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do? 

We want all our children to achieve and progress at Nottingham Academy Primary this includes our most vulnerable children. We want them to flourish, be self-assured, aspirational and to make a positive contribution. We want all our teaching staff to remove barriers to learning and to promote positive and captivating learning environments so that the development of personal wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing is deliberate and strategically planned for. We have high expectations and targets for all children’s attendance and monitor this rigorously to ensure no child is missing learning time unnecessarily. We work positively with outside agencies so that opportunities for our children are broadened and relationships with all stakeholders are strong and child-focused. We expect that safeguarding systems will never be less than excellent so that staff are trained thoroughly and are vigilant in ensuring all children are kept safe; pathways to gaining support for families are utilised strongly and with unwavering rigour and persistence.   

Entitlement: Rights Respecting Pupil Voice 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do?  

To be a positive role models, successful communicators and representatives for their peers with the confidence to share and develop their ideas and initiatives that are underpinned by our school values.  To monitor, reflect and develop these core values and consider how these are promoted through Friday afternoon activities. To give all pupils in the school a voice and opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the school community.  Gain skills in leadership and understand the processes involved in developing, implementing and leading purposeful projects.   

Entitlement: Possibilities 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do?  

Have exposure to a diverse range of opportunities outside of their normal socio-economic experience that expand their SMSC, career-related experiences and other school experiences (direct links to PE, music, literacy and Math’s, adventure that need to be interweaved). To listen and reflect on stories of achievement, comeback from failure or disappointment and pathways to success.  Develop a range of suitable and relevant soft skills through regular practice eg resilience, responsibility, entrepreneurial in mindset, cooperation, self-motivation, confidence, informed and experienced.  

Entitlement: Adventure 

What is it we want our children to know and be able to do? 

Children at Nottingham academy will have the opportunity to experience a broad range of outdoor learning experiences enabling them to connect with their local natural environment and use amenities within the local community to extend and broaden their learning experiences, such as Colwick woods, IONA school, local shops, theatres, libraries, nursing homes, Colwick lake etc. Children will have the chance to improve their knowledge of the world around them and begin to take responsibility for the future of our planet enabling them to become responsible citizens and to develop vital life skills. Along with a passion for adventure, curiosity, self-confidence and self-esteem through successful risk management.