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Nottingham Primary Academy


Literacy skills and the teaching of reading, writing, handwriting, spelling and grammar are central to all learning here at the Nottingham Academy. Literacy is taught with a strong cross-curricular focus and links with topic areas of learning such as history, geography and science. Writing has a purpose for our children and they write for meaning with an end goal of performing to an audience. Our children’s books and work on display reflects the hard work and strong focus on Literacy at the Academy.


We want to encourage a genuine love of reading and believe that this will extend and stretch our children’s ability to learn across the whole currciulum. A love of books, words and reading for the simple pleasure of it, we believe, is vital for children to become life-long learners. As such, every class places a high emphasis on ‘Reading for Pleasure’ each day where books are read together, discussed and enjoyed as a group. 

Reading in Foundation 2 

Author Focus

Each year group has an author of focus for every half term. The purpose of this is to broaden the authors and illustrators children are exposed to and encourage children's reading for pleasure. Books from these authors are shared as class reading books and may be part of literacy and reading curriculum. At the start of the half term children research the author and their books and produce a poster for display. Click here to read more about this terms authors 

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