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Nottingham Primary Academy



Pupils at Nottingham Academy have access to a broad, balanced and enriching Geography curriculum. Our Intent is that Geography stimulates the children’s interest, curiosity and understanding of the world and how to care for it. Throughout our geography curriculum, pupils will gain a knowledge and understanding of their hometown, the wider world and the similarities and differences places share over the globe. Children at Nottingham Academy progress their learning of Geography as they learn about towns, cities, countries and regions, always challenging themselves to compare, contrast and analyse the different places in our world. Teaching of the progressive knowledge and skills, equips children to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence and develop perspective and judgement. Children have the opportunity to develop and apply their geographical skills through visits in our local area. Our Geography curriculum gives children the knowledge and tools to become a confident geographer. 

Substantive and disciplinary knowledge 

Substantive Knowledge in geography is the specific and factual content of Geographical Enquiry. For example, in Location Knowledge, Place Knowledge, and Human & Physical Geography, pupils will learn how to name and locate different places in the world. 

Disciplinary Knowledge in Geography is delving deeper - using prior knowledge to build upon the children's understanding of scale and to apply their knowledge using skills. In Geographical Skills and Fieldwork for example, pupils will apply their knowledge using fieldwork and present their findings using map work, sketch maps and graphs. The Disciplinary Knowledge allows children to practise Geography outside the classroom. 

Sticky Knowledge

For each geography unit of work, we have compiled 'Sticky Knowledge' sheets, which essentially show what we want our children to know and remember at the end of each topic. The key substantive knowledge identified will form the basis of our retrieval practice for each lesson, so that through regular opportunities to revisit knowledge, it will become embedded in the children's long term memory. Sticky Knowledge is progressive and allows for children to build on prior learning. Below are the links for the Sticky Knowledge identified for each year group in geography.