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Help Your Child Read at Home

 Top Tips for Reading 

Here are our top tips to help parents encourage even the most reluctant child to develop a love of reading:

Make time to read: research shows that reading with your child for as little as 10 minutes a

day can significantly boost how well they do at school. Set aside a regular time every day to

read with your child, whether it’s for 10 minutes when they get in from school or reading a

bedtime story together. Little and often works best.

Let your child choose what to read: your child is more likely to enjoy reading if they get to

choose what they read. Join your local library for free and help your child explore a wide

variety of books from animals and sports to cooking and wizards.

Explore different reading materials: as well as fiction there is a whole world of comics,

magazines, ebooks, audio books and non-fiction for your child to discover.

Get the whole family involved: encourage your child to read with other family members,

such as grandparents, brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles.

Bring stories to life: when you read stories out loud with your child, give characters different

voices and mannerisms. Try pausing the story and asking your child what happens next. You

could also act out parts of the story together.

 Create fun reading challenges at home: on a rainy day you could organise a treasure hunt

around the house by giving your child a list of things to find and seeing how quickly they can

read the list and collect all the items.

Be positive: praise your child for trying hard at their reading and let them know it’s alright to

make mistakes.

 Be a reading role model: your child learns from you, so seeing you enjoying and valuing

books can be a great inspiration!

Useful Websites 

Reading with your child at home as often as you can is one of the best things you can do to support your child’s learning. Click on the links below for useful websites giving you more information and ideas  about reading with your child.

Weblinks from The National Literacy Trust: 

The National Literacy Trust’s Words for Life website is packed full of information, advice and

resources for parents to help develop children’s language and communication skills from 0-

11 years:

BookTrust’s Bookfinder helps parents find the perfect book for their child, according to age

and interests.

BookTrust’s best books for children guide lists the top 100 books for children to read before

they’re 14.

The National Literacy Trust’s Literacy Apps website is a handy guide for parents with tips to

on how to get the most out of apps that help young children learn communication skills.

Find stories and activities from popular CBeebies shows to boost your child’s literacy skills:

More useful websites:

Words for life

Suggests suitable books by age

Story line

On line stories and videos

Story nory

Free audio stories

Love reading 4 kids

Free extracts from thousands of books

Oxford Owl

Free e books


Stories from favourite television shows

Meddy Bemps

Fairy tale stories

Inkless tales

Stories, poems and games

Learn to read

Book trust

Suggested books for children, advice on how to read with your child, book lists, fun games, competitions to win free books, Children's Book Club etc


Helping your child to enjoy reading