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Nottingham Primary Academy


NAP Music Curriculum Intent

In Music, we have a progressive curriculum that develops practical skills as well as musical knowledge and a passion for the subject across all years. Following the lessons provided by Charanga, we prioritise the development of high level practical instrumental skills and this begins with untuned percussion, glockenspiels, boomwhackers and recorders in KS1 and Y3 and progresses onto the ukulele, and our whole class string tuition in Year 4 and beyond. The music curriculum also includes a brass and drumming tuition program, and this diversity of instrumental tuition ensures the children all have the opportunity to develop real life music skills to a high level as they go through KS2. Coupled to this our curriculum develops musical knowledge and vocabulary, and the children are given opportunities to listen to music from around the world and from different periods of history. As they progress through the school children gain an understanding of how music has evolved from traditional cultures and over time, with roots in European classical music, American jazz and ancient musical styles such as aboriginal didgeridoo music. The children use their instrumental skills and knowledge of world music to create original, creative, fluent and distinctive composing and performance work, working both independently and collaboratively. The children have the opportunity in KS2 to join the school choir and band, where their skills are fostered and developed to a higher level and they are given frequent opportunities to perform their music publicly.

We are proud to showcase our music curriculum, enhancements and incredible opportunities on our own Youtube Channel.

Please click the link so see the wealth of musical experiences our children benefit from, this includes Music camps, a Cambridge trip, Belvior Big Band Concert, Battle of the bands concerts, and much more:

Nottingham Academy Primary - YouTube

Music Camp Sept 2023

Here are some of our year 5 children enjoying their Music camp at Ilam Hall, Peak District in September 2023. Music Camp is a partnership between Nottingham Music Service and Nottingham city schools. It takes place each year in the beautiful surroundings of Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in the heart of the Peak District. The two-day residential is for our year 5 pupils who have completed a one-year whole class ensemble programme in school. The purpose of Music Camp is to help pupils carry on to the next stage of their musical learning. It gives children the skills and confidence to continue making music and to take part in our Area Bands! During the camp, pupils have instrumental lessons, explore the countryside of the Peak District, take part in team challenges, learn to read music, and perform as part of a ‘monster’ band. They can even brave the night walk and seek out the phantom trumpeter of Ilam Hall! It was so such fun. 

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