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Nottingham Primary Academy


November 2015 – Ofsted Visit

Ofsted made a visit to the Nottingham Academy on 10 November 2015.  The purpose of this visit was to ascertain if our Academy continues to be good, as it was recognised to be during our previous inspection in March 2012.

During the evening of 10 November 2015 the verbal feedback we received was encouraging. We have now received a formal letter from Ofsted which details the findings made by the team of HMI during this visit.  The headline is that the Academy does indeed continue to be good in all aspects.

We are pleased that the report identifies many of the strong features that contribute to our strong culture but we would like to take this opportunity to reassure parents that although we are pleased with the recognition offered by this report we are determined to continue to move forward and strive for excellence in all aspects.

Please full Ofsted report at the bottom of the page.


A Section 5 Ofsted inspection was carried out at the Nottingham Academy in March 2012. Lead Inspector Andrew Cook HMI, brought a team in over two days to look at all three sites of the Academy and both Primary and Secondary phases.

Meetings were held with groups of pupils, senior staff, the Chief Executive of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust and the Chair of the Academy council and 70 lessons and staff were observed during the visit. Inspectors looked at the Academy’s work and self-evaluation documents as well as the monitoring and tracking data.

Key Findings:

  • Leadership and Management of the Academy was judged to be ‘outstanding’. The work of the senior leadership team is driven by a pursuit of excellence to provide every pupil with the best education possible in a calm, controlled environment. All leaders are highly ambitious for the Academy, striving for excellence so that every aspect of the Academy becomes outstanding.
  • Teaching is outstanding in the primary school. Teachers have an exceptionally thorough understanding of pupils’ strengths and areas for development and plan very precise activities to enable outstanding progress. There is a notable consistency of approach throughout the school in terms of guiding pupils in improving their work. This is successful because pupils know exactly what is expected of them and teachers have a very clear understanding of how to use success criteria to allow pupils to see where they can improve their work. Lessons observed were almost always excellently paced and pupils worked hard to meet their teachers’ expectations. Teachers provided constant feedback, often pausing to reflect on how to improve an individual’s work or to offer additional guidance to enhance pupils’ understanding. Lessons are interesting and engage pupils in learning themes that motivate and capture their imaginations.’
  • The behaviour of pupils in the primary school is outstanding. For example in the lessons observed, pupils demonstrated an impressive resilience in class. They thrived on working hard and increasingly pushed themselves to complete challenging tasks.’