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Nottingham Primary Academy

Progression maps

Our Nottingham Academy progression documents clearly map out our carefully considered sequence of learning so that children have the opportunity to build on prior learning throughout their time at Nottingham Academy in all subject areas.

Substantive and disciplinary knowledge has been clearly identified so that the intended learning for each unit of work is explicit. Prior learning and effective cross curricular links have also been identified to allow children the opportunity to apply their knowledge within a new context to further embed their understanding of a concept, or to continue to practice a previously taught skill within a new subject area.

At Nottingham Academy, we place high importance on the teaching and development of vocabulary as we know this is a crucial part of academic success. Therefore, vocabulary has been added to our progression documents to ensure that ambitious vocabulary is taught as part of high quality lessons. 

At Nottingham Academy, we use several schemes to support the teaching of areas of the curriculum. This includes:

  • Music- Charanga 
  • Spanish- Language Angels 
  • PE- Primary PE 
  • PSHE- Jigsaw 
  • Computing- Purple Mash