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Nottingham Primary Academy

Reading for Pleasure

untitledWe want to encourage a genuine love of reading and believe that this will extend and stretch our children’s ability to learn across the whole currciulum. A love of books, words and reading for the simple pleasure of it, we believe, is vital for children to become life-long learners. As such, every class places a high emphasis on ‘Reading for Pleasure’ each day where books are read together, discussed and enjoyed as a group.

In addition to this we have a series of Reading Clubs and opportunities for parents to come and read with your child in school. Last year we ran a ‘Read, Write, Recite’ club working together with some of our teachers to practice reading stories out-loud, performing them and filming them to share with the other children in our school. They are also working on writing stories of their own to share with you here.

Click on the links below to share their love of ‘Reading for Pleasure’…