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Nottingham Primary Academy

Well-Being Curriculum

We are dedicated to support the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of every child during their Early and Primary Years at the Nottingham Academy.

The Well-Being team covers four key areas of your child’s development through the Primary phase:

  1. Personal, Social and Health Education and SRE
  2. Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
  3. Child Protection
  4. Physical Education

There are many overlaps within the four key areas and as a team we are able to ensure we are offering the highest quality and most relevant opportunities for your child to become an effective learner by developing key skills and encouraging a positive approach to raise self-esteem in a safe and nurturing environment.

One of our prime focus areas is to enforce positive attitudes for individuals and towards others. Throughout the Academy, children have the opportunity to undertake roles of responsibility which is a fundamental part of their social development and a valuable tool to enhance and promote high self-esteem and confidence:

  • Sports leaders
  • Play leaders
  • Playground Peacemakers
  • House captains
  • Event coordinators
  • Student Voice

We are committed to ensuring your child is offered as many opportunities as possible to help prepare them for the wider world and develop as well rounded individuals. As a team, we look at ways of offering this within the curriculum and through extracurricular activities. Part of our role is to work alongside parents and the community to help enrich your child’s range of experiences available to them.

To do this we work within our specialised areas to ensure we are delivering a rich and varied curriculum underpinned by the Well Being areas. 

Special Educational Needs

Child Protection and Safeguarding