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Phase 1

Phase 1 – Foundation 1, Foundation 2 and Year 1

In Phase 1, we provide children with an exciting, stimulating, safe and secure environment both indoors and outside. We encourage children to be independent learners, foster their imagination and curiosity and encourage them to investigate and solve problems.

Pupils in Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 follow the Foundation Stage curriculum. The Foundation Stage is the first part of the National Curriculum focusing on the needs of children aged from 3 to 5 years. During this time children have their own distinct curriculum to follow which will give them the aptitudes and skills they need for further learning as they move through the Academy.

Adults in the Foundation Stage support children’s learning through planned play and through extending and developing their spontaneous play. Children are taught key skills and are then given the opportunity to practise these skills in their inside or outside ‘classrooms’.

Year 1 is the first year of the National Curriculum, which follows on from the Foundation Stage. At the Nottingham Academy, we believe our pupils in Year 1 learn best through an active learning environment.

We recognise that every child is different and develops in his/her own way and through careful observations of children’s needs we are able to plan for their individual learning based on what they already know.

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Year 1

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