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Spelling at Nottingham Academy

Our curriculum is designed to improve and develop spelling by giving our pupils the opportunity to:
  • Develop an interest in words
  • Feel safe about trying new words, not just words they’re sure about
  • To move from spelling phonetically to using and applying rules
  • Learn about, the way words are built up using syllables
  • Know about the basic spelling patterns of English
  • Have a range of memorizing strategies
  • Explore the meanings of words
  • Understand prefixes and suffixes
  • Read and write for pleasure
  • To recognise when words are spelt incorrectly
As well as specific phonic and spelling sessions, discrete opportunities are planned into literacy and topic lessons for consolidation and to re-enforce taught spelling rules.
Year 3-6 also learn to spell words from a list of ‘Statutory words’ introduced for the New National Curriculum 2014 ( See link below.) We have split these words into 3 terms to break down the learning for our children. These ‘Autumn, Spring, Summer’ words are covered through playing spelling games as much as possible, alongside the progressive patterns of spelling rules that are mapped out per year group.

Year 3-6 Statutory words

Year 1 spelling

Year 2 spelling

Year 3 spelling

Year 4 spelling

Year 5 spelling

Year 6 spelling

Helping your child to Spell

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