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Transition Picnic for Teddys

Yesterday Nottingham Academy Primary year 2 had a Teddy Bears Picnic with year 1. The picnic celebrated the transition phase, where pupils have worked with pupils in the year groups above and below theirs to learn about the new year groups they will move into.

In year 1 pupils wrote a booklet to pass down to F2 children. In year 2 pupils will travel to Green’s Windmill tomorrow with year 1 to tell them all about year 2 and to make bread.

The picnic was a great success, pupils made their own sandwiches and brought blankets to sit on. So many teddys came too, from traditional teddys to Ant and Dec the Rats!

Neveah in year 2 said ‘the picnic has been great fun, I like talking to the year 1s and telling them how much fun year 2 is. They will love it”. Sophie in year 1 said “I am not nervous about year 2 I am excited to do all the activities that we have talked about.”

With just a few days left of the summer term, everyone is getting excited for a summer break and a return to their new year groups!


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