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Nottingham Primary Academy

Attendance and Punctuality

Our Academy attendance target is to exceed 95% attendance each week.

Being on time and coming to school everyday on time is vital so that learning is not missed. The Academy day starts at 8.40 am at Greenwood Road and 8.50 am at Sneinton Boulevard.

  • 95% attendance means missing one day of every month!
  • Missing six days every term of every year will add up to missing a whole year of learning!
  • Good attendance means at least 96%, but we should all be aiming for 100%
  • Attending school is a legal requirement and parents/carers can be prosecuted if you don’t attend regularly!

Nottingham Academy have a wide range of rewards for great attendance, from Pizzas in the Park to extra outside play times. 

Last term 5 Sycamore had the best attendance at 97.4%, with 5 Oak close behind at 97.3%!

Whole school attendance last term was 94.7%, excluding Nursery it was 95%. 

Parents have a responsibility for ensuring their child attends the Academy regularly and punctually. The Academy expects that all parents communicate with them, either in writing or by telephone, giving a reason:

  1. In advance of any planned absence.
  2. Immediately following any unplanned absence.
  3. During any absence expected to last more than three days.

Failure to comply with this requirement will mean that your child will have unauthorised absences on their attendance record and this could lead to a referral to the Education Entitlement Team.

Pupils should inform a member of staff of any problem or reason that may prevent them from attending the Academy.

Parents should contact us, in confidence, whenever a problem occurs that may affect their child’s attendance.

If your child is absent or late please call reception to advise, giving the reason for absence, or use the 'Pupil Absence Report Form' at the top of this page. 

  • Greenwood Road Reception 0115 748 3385
  • Sneinton Boulevard Reception 0115 748 3401

We will support parents in their legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually.  

At Nottingham Academy we believe family holidays should not be taken during term time. We will not authorise requests for holidays during term time and will consider issuing parents Penalty Notices if holidays or other unauthorised leave of absence is taken.  Leave of absence requests will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. 

What amounts to ‘exceptional circumstances’ is a matter of discretion for the Principal and should be judged on a case by case basis but it is unlikely to amount to an exceptional circumstance if it is merely claimed that a holiday abroad can only be afforded in term time or that a parent is unable to take leave during school holidays.

If your leave of absence has not been authorised by the Academy you may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by the Local Authority. This could result in a fine of up to £120 per parent per child.