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Nottingham Primary Academy




Through our computing curriculum at Nottingham Academy, we aim to give our pupils the life-skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way. We want our pupils to be able to operate in the 21st century and develop skills and knowledge in order to live in and contribute to a digital society where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. At Nottingham Academy, we want our pupils to become confident and independent in the use of a wide range of technology and will use technology to support learning across the entire curriculum and to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to every child. Computing enables rapid access to research opportunities and experiences, which enhances learning opportunities across the curriculum. Our computing curriculum and teaching has specific links with mathematics, science and design and technology and our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum whilst ensuring that pupils become digitally literate and digitally resilient. Using a range of computing tools, we aim to teach children how to explore, analyse, exchange and present information and their learning creatively. 


In order to fulfil our intent:

  • Teachers will use the National Centre for Computing Education to deliver high quality lessons.
  • Lessons are sequenced to build on prior knowledge. 
  • Activities and tasks are well scaffolded to allow all pupils to succeed and to ensure that all pupils can achieve the same learning goals.
  • Well-sequenced plans outline a clear progression of knowledge and skills.
  • Pupils will be taught computing weekly. 
  • Computing skills and programmes and woven into our wider curriculum through opportunities to access and experience a wide range of programmes, use of the internet to conduct research and programmes to present their learning. 
  • Teachers make ongoing formative assessments in order to make relevant adaptations to lessons and ensure misconceptions are quickly addressed.