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Nottingham Primary Academy

Curriculum Enhancements

Enhancements to the Academic curriculum:

At Nottingham Academy we aim to enhance the Academic strand of our curriculum by giving our children an opportunity to experience a wide range of trips to support and enrich our topics. This includes trips to the farm in EYFS to support learning around animals and growth, walks to local places of worship to enrich our RE topics and allow the children to gain first-hand experience of different cultures and faiths, as well as a visit to the Galleries of Justice to support learning around the Victorians. Our children have access to a number of external providers and enjoy visits from external providers and professionals, such as poets to inspire our pupils. We are in a unique and fortunate position to be able to work closely with our Secondary colleagues at Nottingham Academy, which allows our children to access specialist teaching, equipment and teaching spaces, such as the food and science suites to enhance learning experiences.  Enhancing our ‘Academic’ strand of our curriculum in this way ensures that we are make learning relevant and exciting for our pupils. 

Clubs and out of school opportunities:

At Nottingham Academy, we offer clubs and out of school opportunities to enhance the ‘Opportunities and Entitlement’ strand of our curriculum. The variety of clubs and out of school opportunities available to our pupils allows them to explore and develop life-long interests and talents which they can pursue in life beyond the academy. 

Please click the link below to show the full list of curriculum enhancements we offer.