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Nottingham Primary Academy

Religious Education


Religious Education contributes to children’s spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development. At Nottingham Academy, our intent is that children will be encouraged to respect the religious commitment of others and embrace that people have the right to hold different religious beliefs. At Nottingham Academy, we teach RE in line with the legal requirement, by following the agreed Nottingham City Syllabus. This is further enhanced by our children having the opportunity to visit places of worship in order to enrich their knowledge of a variety of religions and cultures through first-hand experiences.  

Substantive and disciplinary knowledge

In Religious Education, substantive knowledge refers to the established ‘facts’ of religious and non-religious traditions, the different ways people express religion and non-religion in their lives, as well as knowledge of related artefacts and concepts. 

Disciplinary knowledge in RE is where the children learn how to ask questions about the substantive knowledge that they have acquired. It allows children to think critically and apply the information they have learnt about different religions, helping them to understand the differences and similarities between themselves and others. Through this they develop respect, tolerance, empathy and have a much greater understanding of religions around the world, which links closely to the character strand of our curriculum.