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Nottingham Primary Academy

Safeguarding Team

Meet our Team of Designated Safeguarding Leads and Persons (DSP’s)

We believe that keeping children safe is everyone’s business so we would like to inform you that we have a team of Designated Safeguarding Persons working across the school:

Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputies

 Jo French - Principal & DSL
 Florence Kelly - Safeguarding Lead
Safeguarding Team (trained to DSL level)
Nicola Atherley - Senior Learning Mentor
Samina Mahmood - Senior Learning Mentor

Sam Bashir - Learning Mentor

Simone Lineker - Learning Mentor
Sarah-Jayne Brooks - Learning Mentor
Heather Davison - School Counsellor

Sophia Sadiq - Learning Mentor

Andrew Staszkiewicz - Assistant Principal
Melissa Sadler - ELSA (Learning Mentor)
Rosemary Hayes - Attendance Officer
Safeguarding Administration and Additional Support 
 Amy Birkhead - PA to the Principal

All staff receive full training each year in order to deal effectively with safeguarding concerns. In addition to the training, they will receive the supportive booklets, Child Protection and Safer Working in Education also available to download below.

Children and Young Families for Nottingham City can be contacted for advice or report a concern on – 0115 876 4800 or



Sexual Abuse within Schools: Child on Child Abuse, Sexual Violence and Harassment and Harmful Sexual Behaviour:

Our position as a trust and within all our academies is clear: sexual violence and sexual harassment are never acceptable, will never be tolerated and are not an inevitable part of growing up.

Such behaviour will never go unchallenged or become accepted and we remain committed to working openly and transparently to promote mutual respect. We will always act on concerns raised.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy has guidance within it around the indicators of child-on-child abuse and harmful sexual behaviour along with our response procedures. All relevant Safeguarding Policies are available on individual academy websites.

All pupils are taught the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum.

The appropriate means for disclosing an allegation of abuse relating to another student is always to inform a member of the specific academy’s safeguarding team directly or a member of the Trust Safeguarding Directorate. In the event that an allegation is made against a member of staff, this must be sent to the Academy Principal or directly to the Trust Safeguarding Directorate.

Working Together to Safeguard Children Children Update

We are aware that a new version of Working Together to Safeguard Children was published in December 2023. Although our policies refer to the older version which was current at the start of the academic year we do of course comply with all the requirements of the new document.