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Nottingham Primary Academy

Reception (F2) - Learning Resources

In response to the Government instruction to close schools to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 we want to ensure all of our pupils still have access to learning resources.

Please follow the below links to gain access to various learning material that you can do with your child from home.

For instructions on how to access Airhead (our school noticeboard) at home please watch this short video:



Alternatively you can have a look through this guide which also explains how you access Airhead.

Visit our F2 Launchpad where you can access various apps to help with your home learning.

The National Curriculum have issued various support resources to help with learning at home during the school closures.

Various free online resources for all year groups can be found here

Free online audio books can be accessed here - let your child relax whilst listening to a book of their choice at the end of each day.

A great reading grid has been set up for each year group with videos of staff from the Trust reading stories or extracts from longer novels to keep children engaged in reading whilst distance learning.

Borrow Box is an app for children and adults to access free books. Children will require their library card number and the PIN that they use to access the computers. If you do not know this then you can contact your local Library to get the PIN which will allow you to register on the app.

The Maths Factor has been made free to everyone during the school closures. It is a great website which focuses on curriculum based activities - and it has a parent zone too!

Follow Mr Barkers Youtube Channel for lots of Ukulele lessons and sing-a-longs which are fantastic for mental wellbeing whilst helping your child learn the Ukulele!

For some music and dance activities watch these videos with your child and get them moving!

Whole-School Projects


There are some brilliant arts and crafts ideas on this website that you can do at home!

W/C 11.01.21 Design your own snowflake - did you know every single snowflake has its own unique design?! What will your design be?

W/C 18.01.21 - My Melted Snowman

Whole School - Colour Wheel Challenge!


It's important to get out in the fresh air if you can and there are plenty of fun activities you can do outdoors - take a look at some of the great ideas here.

We challenge you to tick off as many things on this Winter Sensory Walk chart!


Baking uses many different skills and we think it is a great activity to do with your child. Here we have a super easy method for making Mars Fudge. A very tasty treat for your whole family to enjoy!

Mrs Lineker has started up "Lineker's Larder" again and this week we have some tasty Carrot Star Biscuits for you to have a go at making!

Try these Jungle Fruit & Nut Granola Bars - they are yummy!